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The Best Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys in 2021

Mar 26, 2023

Jeremiah Michael

Shopping for the perfect gift for a five-year-old boy can be a challenge. With an array of options, it's difficult to determine what will bring the most joy and excitement. Whether you are looking for something educational, active, or imaginative, we have compiled our favorite gift ideas that are sure to please any five-year-old boy.

Magic kits

Magic kits can be a great way for kids to develop their fine motor skills, as they learn to manipulate small props and perform delicate movements. This can be a valuable learning experience, helping children to develop their coordination and dexterity.

Remote Control Car

Nothing beats the excitement of a remote control car! These cars come in all shapes and sizes and often feature flashy lights and sounds. Most RC cars are easy to use and provide hours of fun. Plus, they help develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Construction Set

Construction sets can help promote imagination while teaching your child problem solving skills, cause and effect relationships, spatial reasoning, and more. Popular construction sets include Legos, K’Nexs, Magnatiles and more!

Art Supplies

Art supplies are a great way to encourage creativity in your five year old boy. Look for art kits with washable paints and markers so that clean up is hassle free. Alternatively, you can look for crayons or colored pencils that don’t require water or messes.


It is never too early to encourage reading! Look for books that are about topics that your son enjoys such as superheroes or space exploration. You can also look for books with interactive components such as puzzles or mazes which will further engage him in his reading experience!


Finding the perfect gift for any five year old boy can be challenging but there are plenty of great options out there! From remote control cars to art supplies to books – there is something out there to delight every young boy this 2021 holiday season! Have fun shopping around – your little one is sure to love whatever you choose!