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10 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities to Keep Your Team Connected

Apr 04, 2023

Jeremiah Michael

10 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities to Keep Your Team Connected

Working from home has its perks. No commute. Pajama days. And increased productivity, to name a few. But let’s be honest – it can also get pretty lonely. That’s why it’s important to keep your team connected and engaged, even when you can’t be in the same room together. Here are 10 fun virtual team building activities that will do just that.

1. The first activity on our list is a virtual coffee break! Set a time for everyone on your team to hop on a video call and enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea) together. You can catch up on life outside of work, chat about the latest news, or just shoot the breeze. This is a great way to start the day and get everyone energized for what’s ahead.
2. Another fun activity is virtual happy hour! This is similar to the coffee break, but with alcohol. :) Grab your favorite beverage and join your team for some after-work drinks. This is a great way to unwind and bond with your teammates. 3. A third activity is virtual trivia night! Get together with your team and test your knowledge with some fun trivia questions. You can make it competitive by splitting into teams or keeping it relaxed and just chatting while you answer questions.

4. A fourth activity is virtual game night! There are tons of online games that you can play with your team, such as Jackbox Games, Kahoot!, or Psych!. This is a great way to have some fun and take a break from work-related chat.

5. A fifth activity is virtual movie night! Pick a movie that everyone will enjoy and watch it together over video call. You can use Netflix Party or two devices on Zoom to watch the movie at the same time while you chat in real-time about what’s happening on screen.

6. A sixth activity is virtual cooking class! Choose a recipe that everyone will enjoy and cook it together over video call. You can each make the dish in your own kitchen or follow along with someone who knows how to cook (if you’re not so confident in the kitchen).

7. A seventh activity is virtual yoga! Join a yoga class together over video call or find a tutorial online (there are plenty of free ones!). This is a great way to relax and destress after a long day of work.

8. An eighth activity is virtual book club! Start reading a book together and discuss it over video call each week (or whenever you have time). This is a great way to bond with your teammates while also getting some reading done (win-win!).

9. A ninth activity is virtual charity work! Find an organization that you all care about and volunteer virtually together. This is a great way to give back while also spending time with your team members for a good cause.

10 .And last but not least, our tenth activity – virtual scavenger hunt! Create a list of items that can be found around the house and have everyone search for them within a certain amount of time (you can make it competitive by timing each person or team). This is a great way to get everyone up and moving while also having some fun competition..

There are tons of ways to stay connected with your team – even when you’re not in the same room (or city, or country!). By using technology, you can bond with your teammates in new and exciting ways, whether you’re catching up over coffee or competing in a scavenger hunt..So next time you’re feeling lonely working from home, remember that there are plenty of ways to connect with your team virtually!