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The Great and Powerful Zoom: How to Make a Magic Show in the Age of Social Distancing

Apr 06, 2023

Jeremiah Michael

It's official: we're living in the age of Zoom. The video conferencing app has become a staple in our new work-from-home lives, allowing us to stay connected with our colleagues, friends, and loved ones. But Zoom isn't just for work calls and happy hours—it can also be used for entertainment! That's right, you can use Zoom to put on a magic show. Here's how:

Step 1: Choose Your Tricks Wisely
Not all magic tricks are created equal. When you're putting together your Zoom magic show, you'll want to choose tricks that are visual and engaging. After all, your audience will be watching you on a screen, so they won't be able to experience the full effect of some of the more tactile tricks. Stick to classics like card tricks and coin tricks—tricks that don't require much explanation and that will keep your audience entertained.

Step 2: Set the Stage
Just because you're performing over Zoom doesn't mean you can skimp on the stagecraft. Before your show begins, take a few minutes to set the stage. Choose a well-lit spot in your house or apartment where you won't be interrupted, and make sure your background is tidy and pleasing to look at. You may even want to consider investing in a green screen so that you can control your background completely.

Step 3: Put on a Show!
Now it's time for the main event: your magic show! Remember to engage with your audience throughout the performance—ask them questions, crack jokes, and make sure they're having as much fun as you are. And most importantly, don't forget to enjoy yourself! Performing magic is supposed to be fun, so make sure that comes across in your performance.

Putting on a magic show might seem like a daunting task, but with a little preparation (and the help of Zoom), it's actually quite easy! Just remember to choose your tricks wisely, set the stage for success, and have fun with it. Your audience will be sure to enjoy the show.