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10 Best Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls

Sep 22, 2023

Jeremiah Michael

If you are looking for gift ideas for a 7-year-old girl, you have come to the right place! Buying gifts for young children can be tricky, as they grow up so fast and their interests change rapidly. For a 7-year-old girl, you want to choose something that is age-appropriate, but also fun and enjoyable. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best gifts for 7-year-old girls. So, whether you are shopping for a birthday present, a special occasion, or just because – you can find the perfect gift with ease.


1. Magic Kits 

Magic kits offer a captivating gateway into the world of illusion. With an array of props and instructions, they enable aspiring magicians to learn and perform impressive tricks. Beyond the joy of entertaining others, magic kits enhance cognitive skills, boost confidence, and inspire creativity. They provide a lifelong journey of discovery and self-expression, where every trick mastered opens up new possibilities. With a magic kit in hand, the art of magic becomes an enchanting adventure waiting to unfold.


2. Barbie Dreamhouse

A classic gift for any little girl is a Barbie Dreamhouse. This set includes multiple floors of rooms, each with its own theme. It also comes with furniture and accessories to decorate the rooms, making it a great gift for imaginative playtime.


3. Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

Every little girl dreams of being a Disney princess, and with this dress-up trunk, she can be one! The trunk includes four different dresses inspired by classic Disney princesses such as Cinderella and Belle. She will love getting dressed up and pretending to be royalty.


4. DIY Friendship Bracelet Kit

For a creative girl, a DIY friendship bracelet kit is a perfect gift. This kit includes everything she needs to make her own bracelets, such as strings and beads. She can make bracelets for herself or to give as gifts to friends and family.


5. Nintendo Switch Lite

If she loves video games, then the Nintendo Switch Lite is a perfect gift. It is an affordable version of the popular Nintendo Switch console, which allows her to play games on the go. There are a variety of kid-friendly games available, such as Mario Kart and Animal Crossing.


6. Gravity Maze

For a fun and educational toy, the Gravity Maze is a unique gift. It is a marble run game that challenges kids to think ahead and solve problems. As she progresses through different levels, the challenges become more difficult and will keep her entertained for hours.


7. Unicorn Stuffed Animal

A stuffed animal is a classic gift for any child, but for a 7-year-old girl, a unicorn stuffed animal is a must-have. It is a great addition to her bedroom decor and will become her new favorite cuddle buddy.


8. The Complete Boxed Set of Junie B. Jones Books

For a book-loving girl, the complete boxed set of Junie B. Jones books is a wonderful gift idea. This set includes all 28 books in the series, which will keep her entertained for a long time. The books are age-appropriate and humorous, making them perfect for young readers.


9. Sidewalk Chalk Art Set

For an artsy girl, a sidewalk chalk art set is a fun gift. It includes colorful chalks and stencils to create beautiful artwork right on the driveway or sidewalk. She can use her imagination and create her own designs or follow the included templates.


10. Kids Cooking Kit

For a little chef in the making, a kids cooking kit is a fantastic gift. It includes age-appropriate recipes and tools for her to use in the kitchen. She will love learning new cooking skills and making delicious meals for the family.



Choosing a gift for a 7-year-old girl can be challenging, but with our list of the top 10 best gifts for 7-year-old girls, you are sure to find something that she will love. From LEGO Hogwarts Castle to a kids cooking kit, these gifts are age-appropriate, fun, and engaging. So, next time you need a special gift for a 7-year-old girl, refer back to this list to find the perfect present.